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Smart search for businesses and products in the region

Knowledge of the Argentine rules for the trade of food products

Deep understanding of the documents required to operate

Follow-up and tracking of all our operations


Our extensive experience and knowledge of both local producers as well as national authorities and regulations can be of great use to a potential investor who is not so well versed in the technical, legal, union, etc. parts.


Just as we use for certain markets exclusive representatives internalized with their rules, we offer to represent your interests in Argentina both in the search for products and in any situation that requires it.

Quality Inspections

We have a network of veterinary professionals throughout the country to make the inspection that meets your requirement. With recruitment values ​​widely more convenient than those of the “International Surveyors”

Charlie Tango is a trading company, formed in 2005 that is dedicated to the commercialization of food products, mainly fish. 

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